P.K. Turtle’s again

With Montreal finding themselves losing by two goals late in the third period, Hab’s D-man PK Subban hits David Krejci with a questionable elbow to the head.When confronted by Bruins smallest D-man following the hit Subban did his best Scarecrow impression going totally limp and falling to the ice only to be dragged around by an infuriated Andrew Ference.This is totally reprehensible behaviour, if you’re going to take out an opposing teams top player with a borderline legal hit then you should be prepared to back it up.Subban’s turtling and failure to answer the bell although typical is still unnerving and i would think embarrassing his own teamates.Who though on the small habs team would you call an enforcer? This is what Brian Burke was eluding to the other day when he begrudgingly sent enforcer Colton Orr to the minors.”The rats are running this league”……Now many are calling Bruins Brad Marchand “The Rat” and granted he plays on a fine line most nights, however he has never turtled or hid behind the refs ala Canucks Dale Weise.Now you can’t make someone grow a spine but something has to be done with Subbans lack of respect for the rules and also lack of integrity, someone’s gonna wipe that foolish grin of his face one of these days and i just hope I’m there to see it.


Two Heads are better than one? According to Torres

Only one game after the beatdown Torres received for his cheap head shot on Bruins D-man Andrew Ferrence he blatantly targets the head of former teammate Jan Hejda.

“The Avalanche were fortunate not to lose defenseman Jan Hejda late in the second period when Coyotes forward Raffi Torres caught him in the face with an elbow after Hejda delivered a pass from the side of the net. Hejda was shaken and had to leave the game, but he returned in the third period and played a team-high 23:09.” From NHL.com

I would hope that Brendan Shanahan takes some interest in the most recent flagrant offenses by this untalented Buffoon!!!! Apparently the beat down Quaider gave him after the Ferrence hit didn’t deter him in the least. What would an anonymous poll of current NHL’ers reveal if given the opportunity to choose suspension or lifetime ban of this head hunter? I voted for a ban and i don’t even have to worry¬† about ducking flying elbows to earn my pay cheque!!

The Bruins win Despite Torres Head Hunting

Torres was up to his head injuring tactics again on Wed night with a head shot to Andrew Ferrence. Adam McQuaide quickly and deftly made him pay the piper. Torres needs to be banned!!!

You know, this team just has so much character. Any time they get their backs against the wall and have to come up big, they do. Almost every time. We’ve seen this in the SCF Game 6 at home and Game 7 and on the road and that’s no easy task. It’s a testament to the character on the team……..God love em!!!!…….Oh and thanks Quaider that was awesome to see ya throwing em again, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy IMHO ; )